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Not covered under Five Star Warranty


Not covered under Five Star In House Warranty

Under no circumstances will we re-imburse for repairs completed at a facility other than ours

Towing, loss of use, and any other expense incurred due to boat breakdown will not be reimbursed

Transporting costs of boat back to Five Star Boat Center

Bad gas, water in fuel, damage to carburetor

Backfiring, Rough Running or Idle, Stalling or Missing

Fuel system, Carburetors, Fuel Injectors, Fuel injection system, Fuel Pumps

Impact damage

ECM modules

Engine management systems

Overheat damage, hydro-locking, water in engine

Water impellers and rubber hoses

Bent valves or head damage

Hydraulic trim cylinders or lines

Overheating  or running out of fluids (oil, gear lube, antifreeze, Etc)

Warranty void if worked on by another facility or independent mechanic or if water is found in the engine.

It is the owners responsibility to check and maintain fluid levels in power train