2017 In / Out Service

If you are looking for the ultimate in / out service, on the Chain O Lakes, you just found it. Our in out service is limited to a select number of boats, so we can provide you with service second to none. We specialize in boats on a trailer to 23′ Give Juaquin a call today at 847 587 2400 to reserve your space

Our In / Out service is a unique in and out, dry-storage service available to the Chain O Lakes boater.

All of the boats are stored at ground level and on the boat’s trailer. Many of our customers take advantage of quick and easy access to boat for trailering to other lakes, including Lake Geneva.

Call us 2 hours in advance and we will launch your boat. When you are finished boating, we take it back out of the water and keep it in our storage building.  Overnight and weekend slips can be reserved at no extra cost if available.

Our In / Out Service is unique vs. rack storage, as you don’t have boats above your boat dripping water, fluids and gear oil onto your boat, no birds in our buildings, etc. Since the boat is on its trailer, you can come and get it (with notice) any time for trailering to other lakes.

Our In / Out service caters to the client that is looking for a high-end in and out service. We deliver outstanding service and care of your boat above and beyond your expectations. We don’t use forklifts to lift your boat which can damage the lower hull. We lift using a Marine Travelift™ or launch ramp which is designed to safely and carefully lift your boat into the water.

We don’t use Fork Lifts which will damage your hull – No bird droppings and gear oil leaking onto your cover from Dry-Rack buildings. Boats are stored at ground level on it’s own trailer. 

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  • Two hour advance launch notice
  • Completely gated / 24 hour security
  • Boats kept inside our building when not in use
  • Trailer storage included
  • Easy access to boat, for trailering to other lakes
  • One SecuraKey™ provided for facilities
  • Private luxury air conditioned bathrooms / showers
  • Morreties™ fine dining located at the north end of the property
  • Famous Freddie’s Roadhouse™ located within walking distance



  • Monday – Closed
    • Call in prior to noon on Sunday for Monday boating
    • We will try to expedite 9 am weekday launches
  • Tuesday – Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Sunday – 10 AM to 12 PM
    • Sunday launches, as a general rule, require two hour notice starting at 9am weekdays, and 10am Sunday.
    • If you are planning on using your boat exactly at those times, call in the day before, or expect a possible launch delay.


  • Tuesday – Saturday boat must be back at dock for same day retrieval by 4 PM
  • Sunday – Boat will be removed on Tuesday


In / Out Service Details

  • Service begins May 1st and ends October 1st
  • 2 Hour launch notice minimum.
  • Launches can be scheduled days, weeks or months in advance.
  • Last call for daily launch is 3 PM.
  • Last call for Sunday launch is 12 noon.
  • For Mon. boating, call in to launch Sunday before noon.
  • Always return boat to same slip picked up unless otherwise directed. In the event slip is full, return to fuel dock.
  • Credit card on file required for fuel up.
  • When you return boat to the dock, please leave keys in it and cover.
  • Dock space is to be used for departure and arrival only.
  • Once boat is returned to dock space, it will be removed automatically unless you call in and let us know you will be returning to boat the next day.
  • If you plan on boating the next day, please let us know that and the boat will stay in the slip.
  • Once you are done boating, please call 847 587 2400 x 200 and let us know we can pull the boat.

2017 In Out Service Request

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