Five Star can sell your boat for you.

We don’t charge a commission!

Or if you need to sell it right away we can buy it from you!*


If your moving, too busy, or just don’t know how to go about selling your boat, our team can get it sold for you. All you need to do is drop the boat off, or we will go pick it up, it’s that easy. We take care of the sale from that point forward. Selling a boat yourself may not be as easy as it sounds, let the professionals at Five Star get the job done for you.

(1) We don’t charge a commission, rather we agree on a “net to seller” amount, this is the amount you will walk away with. 

(2) Our services include a full valuation, service department check out, and advise of any needed repairs or cleaning services. Together, we go over current market value and decide on a list price. 

(3) We will pick up the boat for free within our service area.

(4) We offer financing and warranty’s to prospective buyer, and we can take trade in’s which will help sell your boat faster.  In addition, all of the paperwork required to sell your boat is completed by us. 

(5) We market your boat using our own website, e mails to prospective buyers, Craigslist, E Bay, and social media such as Facebook. 

Selling a boat requires the professional services we provide, we take phone calls from prospective buyers, set up showings, keep the boat clean, perform lake demos, provide the buyer with financing, complete all the closing paperwork, provide you with fraud protection. Contact or call us at 847 587 2400 for additional information. 

*Provided your boat meets certain requirements we can also provide you with a cash buyout offer.