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Five Star Boat Center. ~ 410 Kings Road, Fox Lake IL 60020 p: 847.587.2400
This is an agreement between Customer and Five Star Boat Center 410 Kings Road, Fox Lake IL 60020

WORK AUTHORIZATION Customer hereby authorizes repair work to be done as described in the Work Order, or subsequent Work or Change Orders, with the towing, storage, maintenance and necessary materials and labor to customer’s boat be charged at regular prices. Customer’s boat may be moved by FSBC for purposes of testing, inspection, pickup, or delivery at Customer’s sole risk.

Customer agrees that FSBC will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the boat or articles left in or on the boat in case of fire, theft, accidents or other causes beyond FSBC’s reasonable control, and releases FSBC for “care, custody, and control” after being notified boat is ready for pickup. Customer further warrants that the boat is insured. All claims for damage must be registered with FSBC at the time of re-delivery or are waived. Acceptance of re-delivery of customer’s boat without claim or objection at that time should be considered an acknowledgement that there is no damage or claim.

FINANCIAL POLICY All invoices, including insurance claims, MUST be paid in full before the boat leaves the FSBC yard or at the completion of the work. There will be no exceptions. If, by prior arrangement an invoice is mailed, it is due upon receipt and becomes past due 10 days after the date of invoice. Interest will accrue from the date of the original billing, at 3.5% per month, for an annual interest charge of 24% per annum. An express possessory lien is granted on Customer’s boat, pursuant to IDNR regulations, to secure the amount of all sums due hereunder. If FSBC is forced to take action for collection of any outstanding balance, Customer agrees to pay for all collection and/or attorney costs and fees. FSBC accepts cash, checks, American Express, Discover and Visa or MasterCard. Sales tax will be charged at prevailing rates.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES Engines are warrantied against freeze damage ONLY if summarized by FSBC and an issue is found. Boat engines / systems summarized by the customer will not be warrantied for any freeze damage.

STORAGE CHARGES AND ABANDONED PROPERTY Boats left on the premises more than 14 days after written or verbal notification from FSBC that work is completed on the boat will be charged a $24 per day storage fee. Parts, equipment, and other customer belongings that are not removed from the premises within 30 days of the invoice date will be considered abandoned, valueless to the Customer, and may be discarded. Any item left in front of slip after boat is removed from slip will either be charged a storage fee, or removed and discarded.

Hull cleaning is required at extra cost for all boats stored on the property. We do not allow customers to hull clean, powerwash, winterize engines, or run engines on land. Hull cleaning will automatically be performed at the time of haul out and invoiced to your account at posted rates. Any winterizing done by customer in water or out of water is at customers risk. Some systems may be disconnected during winterizing, and summarizing will be required at additional cost. Boat systems or engines that don’t run will be winterized as best as possible with no warranties against freeze damage.Trailers for boats stored on the property MUST have current plates. Trailers must be safe for the road, as all inside cold storage boats are taken to an off site storage location. We will inspect trailers and advise of necessary repairs in order to be made road worthy.

LABOR RATES Engine mechanics and other service/repair $145 per hour.